Books #1 & #2 Ultimate Digital Package

If you truly want to discover the 63 National Parks with the Sterling Family, then this digital package is for you! It's going to give you every thing you need (at the absolute best possible price)! I know that when kids fall in love with a series, they want to read or listen to it again and again. 

So with this package, you can download the eBook files to read on your phone or kindle as a whole family. Then download the audiobook for the kids to listen to while going to bed. Then when you're ready, you can download the Adventure Guide to learn even more about both Yosemite & Mt. Rainier National Parks. This ultimate digital package will give you so much to learn together as a family...and go on a fun adventure! 

In this ultimate adventure package, you'll get EVERYTHING at the best possible price. 

Are you ready to go all in and experience these National Parks with the Sterling Family? This is the package for you (at the best price)!! 

Here's what you'll get: 

  • Book #1 Audiobook 
  • Book #1 eBook (3 formats: PDF, Mobi (Kindle), and ePub)
  • Book #1 Adventure Guide eBook (3 formats: PDF, Mobi (Kindle), and ePub)
  • Book #2 Audiobook 
  • Book #2 eBook (3 formats: PDF, Mobi (Kindle), and ePub)
  • Book #2 Adventure Guide eBook (3 formats: PDF, Mobi (Kindle), and ePub)

If you purchased everything individually, the total cost of the Ultimate Adventure Package would be $47.94 but you can get it for just $23.99!! 🥳 (BY far the best price and most discounted of all of the options)!  


Are you ready and excited to dive into the wonderful world of the Sterling Family? Jason's debut children's book series is here! 

Discover the 63 National Parks

Join the Sterling Family, as they travel to all 63 National Parks in the U.S. and discover the history, science, and nature of our great nation. Theo & Titus Sterling discover mysterious spectacles and are given the task of saving the National Parks. Your whole family will enjoy this fun & quirky fiction series while you all learn together. 

Age Range: We've designed this series to be an excellent read aloud for the whole family. Kids ages 12 and under will enjoy it most (although we've heard from teens who loved listening in too!). The books are early chapter books and are good for reading independently for grades 2-3 and above.

To homeschool families: We are a very Charlotte Mason family here. We didn't want to produce twaddle. We wanted a series that would enrich and challenge your kids. So you'll notice more advanced vocabulary and nature concepts - this is on purpose! We want these books to be a jumping off point for further research and education, all done in a fun and exciting way! 😍

Book #1: Adventure in Yosemite National Park

"Theo and Titus Sterling are traveling around the United States and exploring the National Parks with their family. Everything is going well until a mysterious man finds them in Yosemite and sets them on a mysterious quest to save the National Parks. Traveling through forests, valleys, and even time itself, the Sterling twins are on an adventure to explore nature, experience history, and solve a mystery or two."

If you want to preview the first 3 chapters of the eBook or Audiobook before you buy, you can do so here

Book #2: Mayhem in Mt. Rainier National Park

"Theo and Titus Sterling were given a quest to save the National Parks by a nameless stranger shrouded in mystery. Now, as they are exploring Mt. Rainier National Park, will they encounter the stranger again? With the aid of their curious spectacles, the Sterling twins must escape a protective mama bear, survive an erupting volcano, and follow the clues to find the next piece of the puzzle."

Reviews from Real Families: 

"We loved this book so much! It's the perfect blend between adventure, learning, and FUN! I highly doubt we will visit even two national parks in our lifetime but luckily we can live vicariously through the Sterling family;)" - Mary and daughter Juliet- Age 5 


"Sterling Spectacles is just as entertaining as Boxcar Children, but with an imaginative sci-fi twist." - Amanda Carruthers, kids ages 5, 3, & 3


"My boys really enjoyed this book! It was fun, mysterious, funny, all-around enjoyable. They learned a bit about Yosemite National Park without the book being too "boring" to keep their attention. They really enjoyed it, and they can't wait for the second adventure!" - The Winters Family, kids ages 13 & 11


"This book is written in such a realistic, fun way that we were able to put ourselves into the story. My 9-year-old didn’t think of the book as an “educational book” even though we learned a lot. Instead he views it as an adventure book for kids." - Maria C and Cameron (age 9)


"We loved the book. As a new homeschooling mom I loved how easy it was to sneak in some learning during our little summer break. I enjoyed the book just as much as my kids and can’t wait for the next one." - Rochele P, Mia (age 6) & Micah (age 11)


"Every homeschooler needs this book! It balances education and adventure perfectly! My kids begged to go check out more books on Yosemite from the library when we were done! We can’t wait to read the whole series to learn all about the national parks! Every little adventurer needs this book!" - The Asher Family, kids ages 4 and 6


"The Sterling Spectacles was a fun read, with a unique concept, and lots of educational tidbits woven into the storyline. My kids loved listening to the story, and one said it was his favorite book! As a mom, I really appreciate having wholesome, yet fun books to read to my kids, and we are all excited for the next book in the series!" - Lindsay R, Nathan (age 8) & Jacob (age 5)


What are the Adventure Guides? 

The truly magical thing about this book series is how it blends a fun and quirky fiction story with learning and sparking a curiosity about the world in your kids. You will learn about how the National Parks were formed, the nature, science, and history of each National Park and more! 

So when you are reading, you are going to wonder what is real and what is fiction in the series. You are going to wonder if Teddy Roosevelt really said that. You'll be inspired to check out the real places within the parks. And you'll want to know more about the nature and science that the twins encounter. 

You might even want to visit that park for yourself one day and want to know all the best tips and hikes with kids. Well, we've got you covered.

Whether you are a homeschooling family, or you just have some curious kids who love to learn, our PDF Adventure Guide is what you need. 

The Adventure Guide for each book gives you all of that. We will dive into the formation of each park, sorting through the fact and fiction of each book, and learn more exciting things about the flora and fauna of each park. You'll even learn more about the growth of our great country in the process. We will also have a section in the book for those visiting the park in person with all of our tips for visiting.